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Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness-Spring Has Sprung

This winter has been particularly difficult here in the northeast. With the near record snowfall totals and the colder temperatures, the snow really piled up and lead to a number of roof collapses. Luckily, there were very few casualties. At last, the snow has almost totally melted away and spring is here. This is perhaps my favorite time of  year because of the return of warmer weather and the NCAA college basketball tournament.

March Madness brings with it an opportunity to play in the NCAA tournament and the possibility of  winning a national championship for college fans across the country. College basketball helps me get through the winter months for sure. As I write this post, I'm basking in the glory of my Alma mater, UCONN, making the Final Four tonight after beating a very good Arizona Wildcats team. I've also noticed that my runs have been a bit more energized lately because of UCONN's tremendous run, winning the Big East tournament with five consecutive wins in five days and their success in the NCAA tournament so far. Go Huskies!

All this running and basketball stuff brings me to a realization. We all need to find that motivation to set goals and to work hard to achieve them by using whatever things help get you cranked up. It doesn't matter whether it's a college basketball game, a winning lottery ticket, a new friend or a family accomplishment, to name a few,  just use it as motivation to help yourself and others. Positive energy can be very infectious and lead to success in many areas, both personal and professional. So over the next week or so, sit down and think about the things that make you feel good. Then channel that energy into a plan with goals for the year. I'm betting you'll surprise yourself this year.  Now let's go!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Funniest Thing Happened To Me One Day Running

Now I know everyone has had something funny happen to them while running. The question is are you brave enough to reveal it? If it's a little embarrassing, then go with a second story. But let me just say that it's healthy to be able to laugh at oneself. So with that introduction, I'll get things started. 

Back a number of years ago, I went for a 12 mile run with several friends. The course we traveled took us on paved roads, rail trail, technical trail, across a steel railroad bridge, by a waterfall, over several streams, by a landfill, through a swamp with raised wooden walkways, and on some paved bike paths. It's a really cool course that I discovered one day while following a new trail I found. Anyway, on our way back, I was busting one of my friends about something. We were about 4 miles from finishing when inexplicably he ducked his head down just in front of me. For a split second, I wondered and soon found out why. A "flock of  seagulls" had decided to let loose with some crap and somehow he saw it coming. I was too busy busting him. A large load of bird doo-doo splashed across the front of my nice red Nike tee shirt. Perhaps I had it coming. At least I didn't get it in the face, but it was close.

How about you? Can you top that mediocre story? I'm interested.