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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Running Weather in September

September is one of my favorite months to run. It has days that are moderately hot and humid, but the slightly cooler weather has started to appear, which makes for some great running and racing. I took a walk outside my office today and took several pictures of Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT to show you the area I start all my weekday runs from.   Ninety-nine percent of the time, I head for the Connecticut River approximately a quarter of a mile from my office due east. There is a long biking/walking paved path that is fun to run on. It's decorated with a number of Lincoln statues that add to the overall experience.  Off the paved path, there are dirt trails that travel through Riverside Park in Hartford. You can even cross the Connecticut River via a railroad bridge just north of the Buckley Bridge, which Route 84 crosses over the river. There are four bridges that we cross back and forth over the river on our various running courses. The other two bridges are the Charter Oak Bridge and the Founders Bridge.

So if you're ever in Hartford, head down to the Connecticut River and you'll find some great places to explore. Has anyone been to Hartford?