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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Annual Holiday Run

This year our friend Jim did the honors and coordinated the holiday run. At first, it looked like I wouldn't be able to attend because the initial date of the celebratory run was December 22nd, the day I was scheduled to start my new job. Fortunately the date was changed to Friday, December 19th and I was able to attend.

We met in the basement of my old office, exchanged hellos and changed for the run. I have a lot of good memories of our almost daily lunchtime runs and previous annual runs. The locations have changed over the years, but the atmosphere doesn't for the most part. We've stopped at numerous local watering holes on these days, some establishments west, north, and east of the office. Lately the Arch Street Tavern has been the spot of these celebrations because it's conveniently located less than a half a mile from the office and on one of our many running courses.

We always toast our lost friends too. Dave C and Doug Z were both close friends that left this world way too soon. We stopped off at Doug's rock on the run and then toasted the two of them at Arch Street as usual. This year was a particularly good year, with fourteen people showing up. Not everyone ran the course though. Tony walked it. Dave, Chris, Mike, and Scott walked down to Arch to take part. Mark, Mark, Jim, Carolyn, Carla, Steve, Karen, Jim and I ran a short 3.7 mile course that circled back to Constitution Plaza. I really like this course because you end up running north along the Connecticut River.

Mark's going to send me several pictures from the celebration to incorporate into this post. I usually bring my digital camera, but decided not to in favor of my cellphone, which I forgot to grab on our way out. Luckily Mark carries this phone on every run so he stepped up.

So as the last days of 2014 tick off the clock, I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a peaceful and successful new year. SALUTE!