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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running Around Hartford- The Railroad Bridge Course

As I have mentioned before, we have a small group of runners that work out from the Connecticut DEP on Elm Street in Hartford, CT. Over the years, we have developed a number of courses to run. One such course is referred to as "The Railroad Bridge".   The standard course runs from Elm Street on Bushnell Park across Main Street to Sheldon Street, towards the Connecticut River. The course passes by a CL&P facility on the left and then goes left under Route 91 onto the riverwalk , headed north away from the Colt building. The riverwalk takes you behind the CT Convention Center and Constitution Plaza. You pass under both the Founders and Buckley bridges. Before long you arrive in Riverside Park and pass by the Boathouse. Here you can take either the trail along the river or the internal trail, which both head to the railroad bridge. Once you reach the RR bridge, you have to climb up a small hill to get to the bridge. On the right side of the bridge are wooden planks which you can run across to reach East Hartford. At the end of the RR bridge, you go a little ways down along the rail and go right on top of the East Hartford dike. Now you are running south towards CT Blvd. At the end of the dike, go left and then straight behind several car dealerships on CT Blvd. We go right onto the second road, the Jeep dealership should be on your left. At CT Blvd, you go straight across and then right under the highway and take your first left. You will then pass under another bridge. At the end of that road, take a right, go past a Route 84entrance ramp on your right onto the paved sidewalk that goes back over the Founders bridge to Constitution Plaza. At the end of the plaza, you take the steps down, and go left and then a quick right to reach Main Street again. You go straight across Main Street and then left, which takes you back to Elm Street. The distance is about 6 miles. Try it sometime. You can't beat the view from the RR bridge. 


  1. If ever there was a motley crew, this is it-heterogeneously speaking! Ha, Ha!

  2. Thanks for words on my PR. I set a new one on my Turkey Trot 5k. So, will enjoy a nice big slice of pumpkin pie. :) Appreciate the advice. I miss my runs along the ocean and have since traded it for the cooler temps and trails lined with fall colors of the east. I think as a runner, we appreciate the backdrop that our routes provide no matter where we run. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Thanks CeeMe. I really enjoy my trail runs, but I could get used to beach runs too.

    I treated myself to a piece of chocolate cream pie today after my turkey day race. Congrats on your new PR! I had a hunch you were going to break it.

  4. Congratulations! That sounds awesome!! I wish i could do what you did. :D

  5. I found this post while searching for runs across the Founders Bridge, and I think I need to add a warning here about this post. Yesterday (April 2012) I checked out the route between the boathouse and the railroad bridge. From the description above, I thought there was a pedestrian walkway across the bridge, which is certainly not the case. The wooden walkway is in disrepair, with loose boards all over, and is narrow-enough to make me thankful that no train was coming while I was there. There is an iron beam to serve as a guard rail, but overall you're a bit exposed up there. It appears particularly dangerous to walk across, much less run across. I'll stick to the Founders Bridge crossing, thank you very much!

    1. Chris,

      I agree that it's not like running across the Founders, Buckley, or Charter Oak bridges. I've run across this particular bridge numerous times with no problems, but I appreciate you sharing your feelings because there are people like yourself that wouldn't be comfortable crossing this bridge. I believe the walkway is actually for maintenance. And yes,occasionally trains do cross it. But it's not like Amtrak. When we see a train coming we simply let it pass and then cross, but it moves very slowly. I've been running over it for some 15 years and only spotted the train 3 or 4 times.

      Thanks for sharing.


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