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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Flooding, Oh My!

The last 10 or so days has brought some of nature's fury to Eastern United States. Just last week, an earthquake in Virginia rocked states up to New England. Then Hurricane Irene brought with it 60-70 miles per hour wind gusts along with over ten inches of rain around Connecticut and surrounding states on its way north, causing significant power outages, property damage and some loss of life this past weekend.

Needless to say, I had to alter by  running plans for the weekend, since I usually do at least a 7 mile run on a nearby rail trail. Instead of this workout, I cross trained over the weekend by preparing for the storm by stocking up on supplies, moving outside furniture, and securing property so as to prevent it from blowing away or smashing my windows. It involved much more lifting than running although I did run back and forth in the yard doing some of this work for over an hour.

At about 7:00 am Sunday morning, my neighborhood lost all power, telephone and cable. Now I'm not your typical couch potato, but it's not much fun without these services, especially when you go to take a shower. Let's just say that this type of shower experience is like jumping into the freezing ocean in the winter. Finally around 4:00 pm today, we got our power and utilities back. Yeah! I was beginning to smell a little ripe.

I'm going to add a few pictures to this post in a few days so stay tuned. One of the pictures is a large tree branch that landed on a storage shed in my backyard.

I hope all is well with everyone. Drop me a message if you want to share some Hurricane Irene stories.




  1. Glad to hear you are fine, despite a bit of ripening. How did all your preparing for it help out? Did all your work help you avoid having any damages? Waiting to see the photos and wondering if the tree did anything to the shed.

    We didn't have any big storms like you guys, but somehow half of a tree is sitting in one of the neighbors temporary above ground pools that they put up for their kids. I need to get a photo of it.

  2. Thanks, Brent. I moved all the lawn, deck and porch furniture either inside my shed or house. I'm sure things could have been broken or some outside house damage could have occurred if I hadn't moved things. Other than the tree falling on my old shed and damaging it, I made out fine.

    Losing power and cable for 3 days pretty much sucked.

    I'll put several pictures illustrating storm damage at my house later on this week.

    Too bad about your neighbor's pool.

  3. Hey, well i am glad that you made it out of the storm. I was at Laura's for the week my parents were out of power till thursday. There was no damage in laura's area not even enough wind to fly a kite. how is training going for the hartford half?

  4. Hey Maxca17,

    Do I know you? I'm drawing a blank.

  5. Hey ken, its Jared Scata that is my user name

  6. Jared,

    I thought that might be you, but I couldn't remember your fiancee's name. Also, I noticed that your member connect didn't match with the Maxcal7.

    Sorry to hear it took so long for your parents to get power back, but at least you had a place to go.

    I haven't been doing any long runs the past month and a half, My left leg has been acting up. Are you planning on doing it? I could imagine doing a relay, but not the 1/2 given my setback.

    Hope all is going well. I catch myself looking over to give you a project every so often. That's how much we appreciated the work you did for us.

    Take care.



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