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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seven Random Facts

I recently was tapped by Becki aka Supergirl over at "The Middle Miles" to create a blog post which includes seven random facts about myself. I also have to reach out to invite a number of other bloggers to join this quest and do the same. So here goes:
R.F.#1: I don't like broccoli. Years ago, I had an abscessed tooth that left a taste in my mouth that tasted like broccoli. Enough said.

R.F.#2: I used to live in Pennsylvania when I was real young.

R.F.#3: I've had the same black Casio watch for over 15 years. You know, the one with all those little buttons for calculating your race pace and mileage. I even use it at work.
R.F.#4: I've run the Manchester Thanksgiving Day Road Race over 30 times.

R.F.# 5: I'm into science fiction movies and books.

R.F.# 6: I played three varsity sports in high school, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Baseball was my favorite sport.

R.F. # 7: Sorry guys, I now use an artificial Christmas tree.

I'll include a list of at least five other bloggers to share the fun with later on this week in another post.
Good night.


  1. Thanks for playing, Ken! I'm a bit of a sci-fi fan myself...what part of the genre do you like? You a spaceships and intergalactic war kind of guy? A dystopian future fan? Cyberpunk?

  2. To be honest, I needed to google some of the genre terms you used to know their meaning. I guess you could say I like Cyberpunk because I enjoyed Blade Runner. I do like spaceships and intergalactic stuff too like Star Wars, Star Trek, to name a few.

  3. Nice, liking Star Wars is pretty much required for a sci-fi fan! :D Couldn't get into Blade Runner myself though. If you like Cyberpunk, ever read Neuromancer?


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