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Friday, April 17, 2015

Running in Boston

I wrote a post a year and a half ago about running along the Charles River while staying at a Double Tree Hotel right next to the river. I enjoyed several runs that weekend, but had no idea that before long I would be working in Boston and running along the Charles on a regular basis.

Since the end of December of 2014, I have been running in Boston twice per week. At first, I ran around Boston Common to avoid all of the traffic and to get more familiar with the area. I did find several runners that work in my building who were nice enough to take me on some exploratory jaunts around Boston. Then I was fortunate enough to meet a local group of runners that go by the name of the Boston River Rats and joined them for some runs too.

I'm still trying to get back in shape after missing time with a hamstring injury and gaining some weight over the winter. The winter in Boston was bad because the area received twice as much snow as I got near home. But the good thing about it was that the walking trails/sidewalks/paths were cleared fairly quickly, which allowed runners to do their thing without risking their lives running the roads in Boston. With the high snow banks around Boston, it was even more dangerous than usual.

I'm not running fast by any means, but I'm starting to feel better with every run. Before long, I'm hopeful that I'll be running in the 7's again or faster. I'm doing about 18-20 miles a week now and want to increase this mileage to 20-25 miles per week this spring. Perhaps I'll add an additional day of running each week, from 3 to 4 times to accomplish this goal.

Today I ran about 5.5 miles along the Charles and saw a number of runners with Boston Marathon jackets on. Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon is this coming Monday so many people have already arrived for the marathon. I ran for a bit along the Charles with a woman from New Mexico who is running the marathon. I envy these runners who have qualified for the race or who are running for a cause. This race is on my bucket list, but it's been over ten years since I've done that distance in a race.

I wish all of the runners in Boston good luck on Monday  and hope the Red Sox also win that day. I will not be in Boston on Monday, but plan to run in Hartford with some old friends since I get the day off from work. Perhaps next year I'll give it a go and at least spend the day in Boston.


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