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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cricket

About a week ago, I was sitting in my family room watching TV when a chirping sound started coming from inside the room. Now it's not that unusual for me to find crickets in my garage. And some do squeeze under the door and enter the family room from time to time.

This cricket had an incredibly loud chirp that drowned out even the sound of the TV. After about a minute or so, I decided that it either didn't like the show I was watching or wanted my attention.  So I slowly got up and starting looking for it. It took me about a minute to find it.  It was about four feet off the ground on a small ledge of a wall ornament. I could have squished it, but I didn't.  I then grabbed a tissue and trapped it inside. Besides the chirping expertise, this cricket had one additional unique characteristic.  It only had one hind leg.

I carefully carried the tissue outside and released it on my deck. It hopped away as if it had two good legs. I was really surprised  by that.

About one week later, as I was letting one of my dogs out to go potty, I saw the same cricket again. It was hopping across the deck and almost got eaten by my dog.

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this cricket thing. My point is that everyone at some time or another feels like a wounded cricket. I know it sounds a bit odd, but I think we all can learn something from this little guy. No matter what life sends you, try to figure out a way to not dwell on things for too long and get on with living. Also, if you see someone wounded, provide that tissue or keep the dogs at bay. You just might be surprised how it helps that person or how good you feel after doing it.

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