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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Annual Holiday Traditions

As I've mentioned before, there are a number of runners that belong to my informal office running club. Each year we organize a special holiday run at lunch. We usually shorten the distance so that we can spent some time over at a local watering hole to toast the year and our friends. Over the years, the establishments we have celebrated at and the participants have changed. But the event always has that closeness, where we share stories of the year's events, some good and some bad.

In particular, we remembered Doug Zimmerman, one of our running friends, who died earlier in the year during one of our lunchtime runs. Doug was one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet.  He really enjoyed this tradition and always found a way to be there to share in the fun. Heck, he was one of the ones that kept us laughing and made this celebration such a great time.

I think it's so important each year to stop and reflect on the events and the friendships in your life. So drink a toast to your friends and if you can, tell them how much you appreciate them. Make sure you laugh a lot too. It's amazing how good you can feel by doing it.

Stop by and tell me about your traditions.  If you don't have one, perhaps you should start one.
Happy Holidays!



  1. My goodness! He died during a run?! What happened?

  2. He collapsed after splitting off from several of us who decided to run a little further during a lunchtime run. It appears to have been cardiac related.

  3. Oh my goodness that's terrible! I'm very sorry for the your loss :(


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