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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maybe Florida Isn't Such A Bad Idea.

Today I did two workouts. I've been doing double workouts 1-2 times a week over the past month. First I do my run, which is usually 5 to 6 miles. Then later in the day, I've been doing a lifting workout. However, I'm not talking traditional weights. Here's the fun part. I've been shoveling snow-make that- a lot of snow. Now I've been using my neighbor's snowblower since mine crapped out. But with so much snow, I've had to shovel plenty too. Today I spent about 6 hours removing 3-4 feet of snow from my roof. The run seemed like nothing after that.
Now as I drove around town lately, I could see numerous people working on removing the almost 3.5 feet of snow accumulation on their roofs. Bad enough people have to remove snow from their driveways. I decided to join the rest about a week ago and roof raked around the edges of my house numerous times. We received news this past Friday that another significant storm is expected to hit us this coming Wednesday. With that in mind, I decided to climb onto my roof and get serious about this snow removal stuff. 

Recently I read about a number of people dying from falling off roofs while clearing snow. I didn't want to add to this statistic so I decided to take my time and chip away at things. I was a little nervous as I climbed off the ladder onto my roof . But once on my roof, I was okay. Don't get me wrong though. I was very careful as I traversed the roof knocking down snow. At least I didn't have to throw the snow over a 6 foot snow bank.
Anyway, I ran around my neighborhood today instead of the trail. I knew my second workout was coming so I decided to try and  take it easy. I did an out and back run for a total of 6 miles and negative split the run by almost 2 minutes. So much for taking it easy. Perhaps my new Nike Tri-S running shoes helped. As I write this post, my whole body aches. I don't plan on running tomorrow so that should help. There's still snow on my roof, but I'm not going to have time to tackle that tomorrow. At least I was able to remove all the snow on the back side of my house.
I hope everyone is doing okay. Please be careful if you find yourself needing to duplicate my feat. 



  1. Wow. That roof raking business sounds a bit dangerous. Snow. Ice. Steep high stuff. Not a good combo, man. Be careful.

  2. I've learned that 6 miles in this stuff is pretty rough. Good work.

  3. Hey Krista,

    The one good thing is my house is a ranch so I only had one level to climb. We got another 6 inches of snow with sleet/rain in the last 24 hours. It could have been worse though. Safety first so sure.Thanks.

    And Brent-With all the snow,my runs have been much more challenging. I ran through a storm on Tuesday, 5 miles doing what I'd call the Curly Shuffle. It turned out to be a good run. Tomorrow I'll run another 5 or so miles at lunch. Here's hoping some of the course is clear.

    Thanks, Ken

  4. We definitely don't have to worry about snow here in sunny Florida! :-) Glad you came out alive!

    I think it's great that you are so passionate about running and working out! I hope to get there again one day!


  5. Caitlin,

    Thanks for stopping by and the positive comment. I really appreciate it.I'm jealous though. I long for that sunny Florida weather.

    I think you'll get back to working out. You just have to give yourself more time.

    Take care.


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