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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm a runner.

I'd be a millionaire now if I had a nickel for each time someone questioned me about why I run or made some comment about it being bad for me. Quite frankly, I don't care what those people think. You see, there's something deep down inside this body of mine that knows it's right for me. You might say it sort of defines part of me.
I didn't realize this until I was out of high school. I decided after graduation that since my high school sporting days were over (baseball, basketball, and soccer), I needed to find something to satisfy my competitive spirit.
The 1976 Montreal Olympics were going on that summer and I found myself rooting for American athletes like Bruce Jenner and Frank Shorter. That summer I started to run and have been doing it ever since.

Some people say that it's just the endorphins talking when someone expresses a passion for running. I disagree with that statement and here's why. I believe there's something inside every person that drives them to do certain things. I just happen to be wired this particular way and now running is part of who I am. Running isn't just about competing and the feeling of satisfaction I get from those efforts. It has also become one of my primary stress coping mechanisms too.

Tell me about how you got started running, whether it was yesterday or years ago. When did you realize that running was an important part of who you are? I'm interested.  


  1. I agree. My mom always tells me I'm going to regret running when I'm older (I'm 25) because my feet will give me problems. Her feet are terrible, but she also spent years and years wearing high heels everyday and still wears them.

  2. <-- Right there.

  3. Ken- occasionally I will bring up running, and to many non-runners, this becomes a time where they mention how they think it is boring. I haven't heard too many people talk about how they don't think it is good for me, though (probably because running has helped me stay in shape!). I have enjoyed running ever since I was a little kid, though the distances have certainly gotten longer.

  4. I could not agree more that running is a stress relieving coping mechanism! I can't quite explain why I run either and I have also been told its bad for me (by non runners, usually!). I started running because I ran high school track just for fun, and I never really stopped. I go through bouts where I am bored with it or frustrated, but I always come back.

  5. I love this post!! Beautifully put. I discovered I love running when I joined the Army after high school. I wished I had done cross country in high school. I played alot of sports and when it came to track and field I was always the field events and the dashes. Well its been over 30 years that i discovered I love running had my ups and downs and came back to it in 2000 when i became very over wieght. Have been consistance and never looked back. This is who I am and I can not imagine a life without running.

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Megan-I don't see how gals can wear those things.
    I'd stick with your running shoes.

    Becki-I checked out your post. See my response.

    Jon-I've heard the same thing from some of my non-running friends too. It all comes down to interests.

    RTM-I think when you start getting bored with running, then that's when you need to shake things up a bit. Run different courses and cross train or do a duathalon. Find out what demotivates you and try to avoid those pitfalls.

    Dawn-Your blog radiates running energy so keep at it.

  7. My favorite response when I tell people I am a runner is, "I only run if someone is chasing me." I started running because I was losing weight and the gym I was going to changed the time of the spin class I was taking and I couldn't make it anymore. I realized it is a part of me when I started noticing how centered I feel during and after a run. If I miss more than a day I get crabby!

  8. Read/Write/Run! Thanks for checking out my blog, Run As You Are (RAYA). I'm hoping to have some fun with it whole training for the NYC Marathon this year. I will begin following your feed, as well. All the best, Tony

  9. I've had a couple running stints with a few reasons. The first time was to get in shape for soccer, the second as a stress outlet, and this time has been more goal-oriented (run the Crim).

    Though it may make the least sense to do it now, it may stick this time. It has to be in the blood somewhere because I keep coming back to it. I still struggle with the idea of being a "runner," because I still feel like I have to prove it to myself.

  10. Hi!

    Annie-That's an interesting beginning. One of the things a like about running is you don't need much, just running shoes or not and some running attire so that you don't get in trouble for flashing people.

    Tony-I read some posts on your blog, which answered my post question. Good luck with your training. I'm betting you're headed for a time under 4 hours.

    Brent-Trust me-you're a runner! Keep in mind that it's what's inside and the passion you have for it that matters most, not your body type.

  11. I probably wouldn't have described myself as a runner until very recently although I have been running in my adult life for about 6 years (as is so often the case I was sporty at school, partied my 20s and realised I was a mess in my 30s) . I did a few triathlons and then this year I participated in Janathon and Juneathon which involves running or doing some exercise and blogging about it every day in those months. We mainly chose running as you could just nip for a mile on active rest days and now I can't stop. I talk about it, I don't feel myself if I don't do it, I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm pushing my body to do things I never thought possible - London Marathon 2012 here I come. Great post Ken

  12. Thanks for stopping by Nicky! Good luck with marathon training. It's a great goal.


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