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Friday, July 15, 2011

Match Game For The Runner

Complete the below sentence fragment with whatever words make sense to you.  Feel free to elaborate on your response.

You should never ............... the day before a race.

I'll let you know several examples of my responses after a few days.


  1. eat spicy Indian food! I did that last weekend and had the worst race day morning EVER!

  2. Great idea! anything new the day before a race.
    I did a lot of painting the day before a half marathon (boards that were on the ground, so tons of bending over) and the entire race by hamstrings were burning!!

  3. Never eat a black bean burger! I'll leave it at that.

  4. You should never be on your feet all day the day before a those marathon expos that suck you in, and make you want to walk around all day looking at booths and gathering freebies.

  5. You should never have a husband impale himself with his bike handlebar through his groin a day (or a week) before a race. Yes. That actually happened to me. Last year. It sucked. He was fine, but I almost missed my race because I had to check him out of the hospital.

    BTW - you are the winner of my BFR Shirt Giveaway! Email me at and I'll give you the scoop... Congrats!

  6. Ouch! Double ouch! I'm glad he was okay.
    You made my day with the shirt news! Boy, maybe my luck is changing-Ha ha! Thanks!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Christina, I'm not a spicy food eater so I'm safe on that account. Hopefully things turned around prior to race time.

    Vanessa, you're so right. It's easy to forget about resting if you have a busy day schedule the day before race day. I agree-just don't make it busy.

    Amanda,sounds like you and Christina shared some challenging moments race day morning. Not too fun. BTW, that black bean burger sounds like a meal right out of the Tarahumura diet mentioned in "Born to Run", Chris McDougall's book. Well at least the "bean" part!

    RTM, it's cool to check out expos, but you have to limit your time there and work in plenty of rest time, for sure. Good point!


  8. My responses include:

    You should never:1) drink a lot of alcohol,2)run hard, 3) stay up late, or 4)put yourself in stressful situations" the day before a race.

  9. Love this game!

    Never... run 10 miles. (need I say more? I learned the hard way)


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