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Friday, October 28, 2011

Run Two Bridges-Hartford Style

One advantage of having paths and trails along a river in your area is that it makes running more enjoyable. My small running group refer to courses along and over the Connecticut River as "Two bridges". Now we have a total of four bridges that cross the river in Hartford and all within a 2 mile stretch, which makes it easy to vary the run. Yesterday I ran our "Two bridges w/o Arch".  I'm not referring to the Arch located in  Bushnell Park near the start and finish of the Hartford Marathon though. The Arch is short for Arch Street, which is a short city street that has one of our favorite bars on it. And the name of the bar is the ..... Arch Street Tavern.  Go figure.

So the term "two bridges" means just that. We cross over two bridges on these runs. I crossed over the Charter Oak bridge to East Hartford first and returned to Hartford over the Buckley bridge. This course takes you past the Colt Building in the beginning, and towards the end of the five mile loop, past the Hartford Steam Company and under Constitution Plaza before returning to my office along Bushnell Park. Check out some of these photos I took along the way.

The picture with the close-up railing in it is from the Charter Oak bridge looking east before crossing it, while the one looking down a flight of stairs is from the same bridge looking north towards Constitution Plaza and the Convention Center. The picture that is mostly water is from the Buckley bridge looking south towards the Founders bridge and the Science Center (building looks like a ship on the right side).


  1. I had no idea that you lived in CT! I grew up in CT and I was just in E. Hartford visiting my wife a few days ago before I had to go back to Afghanistan.

  2. Scenery can help a run out in a major way, almost as much as chasing other people. I don't have much to look at here when I go out running around town, but I try my best to find the more scenic areas that do exist.

  3. I'm so jealous. I want to get back into running, especially competitively. I'd be a lot more motivated if I had scenery like yours to run through!

  4. Hey FreeYourToes,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see that you got time to spent with your wife. Be safe.

    Brent, that trail running you mentioned on some of your posts sounds like it's scenic. Perhaps, you have to drive a while to get there though.


    It's hard to get back into things with family commitments and work, but try to carve out some time for running 2 to 3 times a week.
    I run at work at lunch time three days a week and once per weekend. I'm programmed into doing it and I look forward to it each and every day I do it. I find that it relieves stress and allows me to better concentrate on my work. Try to get into a routine. I think you'll really benefit from it.

    Take care everyone.


  5. Hi Ken,
    That's a great idea. Right now my biggest fear about getting back into running is my knees. Last time I started training to run competetively again I found out I have osteo arthritis is by knees. I pushed myself to run the 5k I had already signed up for and ended up not being able to hardly walk for a few weeks afterward. I doc told me if I could lose 20 lbs I could start out running on a cushioned track for up to a mile. I've lost the weight. But I'm still kind of gun shy to hit the track again.

    I'll def get there. In the mean time, I'll keep reading your blog for instpiration.

  6. J.J.,

    I think I understand where you are coming from when it comes to being concerned about your knees. I suggest you take a modest approach to getting back into running and don't worry about competing just yet.

    It's hard to not go all out at times. But I've learned the hard way to be more patient.

    I hope you don't mind, but let me offer a plan to try. I assume you are otherwise in good physical health. Going to the track sometimes makes people work too hard and they end up getting injured. I suggest you go to a cushioned track or a flat,manicured trail twice per week for the next several weeks. Do about a mile and a half each time and record your times. Do the first 1/4 mile nice and easy, then take short walking break. Then do another 1/4 mile fast. After a short walking break,the third 1/4 mile should be done a little faster than the easy pace. Finish with a 1/4 mile a little faster than the fastest 1/4 mile, then cool down with a short walk and stretch.

    I would slowly extend this program with additional days and distance, but only gradually. Let's blog some more. Perhaps we can help each other. I could definitely use help with nutrition.


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