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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday's Six Mile Trail Run

The rail trail was really busy this past Sunday morning. I usually can get a spot out of the 25 or so parking spaces, but they were all occupied. I settled for a nice spot facing back towards my house on the side of the road. As I walked up to do a few stretches before beginning my run, I noticed that the UCONN women's cross country team was training on the trail.  A minute or so before starting my run, they took off in two groups, each with about ten runners. Now I wasn't about to keep pace with these ladies, but I used them as motivation to keep my pace up and kept them in sight until the three mile turnaround point  for me. I stopped for less than a minute and just before I started back one of the groups passed me on the way back. There was a female coach riding a mountain bike along side them. They had about a forty second lead on me as I started back. I tried to close the gap and started to do so running around a 7:50 pace for mile four. I could see that the coach every so often would look back and then-boom- they increased the pace. This must have happened at least five times over the last three miles. Perhaps I'm full of myself, but I had the feeling that the coach was using me as motivation for her runners. "If you ladies don't pick the pace up, that old guy back there is going to catch us. Let's get going!"

Anyway, I continued to push until I was running around a 7:18 pace. I covered the last three miles in 22:57, which is a 7:39 pace. I think they ended up less than a minute ahead of me. I was happy with the run. 

What types of things do you do to motivate yourself during training runs?



  1. Hey Ken
    During training runs I use people also to motivate my self. If there is some one in front of me I target their small of the back and push till I am caught up and pass them. It something my coach in college taught us when fighting through people and going up hill. Did you end up running the hartford half or no. My marathon in newport was one of thoughest I have done so far, very hilly and windy with little water aid for the second half, luckly i brough my little fan back of water

  2. I use other people a lot on our trail runs. There aren't a lot of people out there as fast as you or those UCONN women (or even me for that matter), so as long as I keep going and keep pushing, I'm usually able to overtake them. Once in a while when we hit turnarounds and come face-to-face we both know it's on. I think there's a little of that competitiveness in everyone that runs, even if they're not necessarily a competitive person.

  3. Hey Jared and Brent,

    Jared-I didn't run Hartford. I was still sore from Minnesota. It's funny, but I've still only done one race this year, the Woodstock 10K in memory of Doug and Dave. I'd like to do at least 3 or 4 races this year and the Thanksgiving Day Manchester Road Race is just around the corner.

    BTW, that Newport marathon sounds like it was tough, especially with the wind, hills and lack of water. Good job though. As you know, marathons are like wild cards-you never know whether you'll get a good one.

    Brent, I agree with you. I tend to chase people down on certain days unless they're really fast or I'm recovering from a hard run the day before. I hope your racing is going well. Need to stop in and check out your recent posts.




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