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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where's Ken?

Everyone gets busy certain times of the year and I'm no exception. I've been away for about two months, but it seems longer. The good news is that I've been running every other day at the advice of my doctor. My left knee tends to act up if I do too many running workouts in a row. So my mileage is down, but I'm out there. I've also been writing stories for children and recently entered the Highlights for Children annual fiction contest.

In regard to my running log, I just haven't had the time to finish the table. But I plan to do so this spring and then post my times for anyone interested in that type of stuff.

I haven't planned any races yet. I have had the pleasure of running with my lab, Calvin on the weekends on a nearby trail. He loves to run with me and quite honestly pushes me almost 100% of the time. You might call him Coach Cal because of the way he looks back at me and monitors my runs. I've learned to interpret his  occasion barks as a sign that I need to pick up the pace. I don't want to disappoint my coach so I try to do just that.

Does anyone else run with their dog?



  1. I'm hoping to run with ours a little bit when he gets older. He's only 6 weeks old right now. I don't expect him to be as much of a running dog as a lab would be (he's a Corgi), but I'd like to take him to races where pets are welcome.

    P.S. - Welcome back

  2. Welcome back! I'd run with my dogs if I could, but they're little guys so it's just me and my iPod :-)

  3. I don't own a dog, but I really want one so I can run with him/her!

  4. I run with Colorado for a mile before he gets to tried to do it and then the little dog Denver I can take for about three miles. I prefer Colorado because he picked up on how to keep pace with me and stay to my side, Denver still wasn't learned its not a sprint in front of me then dead stop so I run into him thing.

  5. Hey guys,

    Brent, I waited to run with Calvin for almost a year and then only for short distances until he was about 1.5 years old based on advice from my vet. I bet your Corgi will be fast over short distances though.

    Jenn, how about this for some cross-training. Take your little guys along for the run in a running stroller. Ha, that would be fun and funny.

    Rach, there are some great dogs to run with. Labs and Border Collies, Aussie Shephards are good, but I'm sure there are others. I hope you get a great running dog some day.

    Jared, I remember you telling me running stories about your dog and your fiancee's dog. Give me call some time and perhaps you can make it into Hartford for a run some day at lunchtime.

    Thanks for sharing everyone!


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