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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The HEAT is on!

Every summer I write at least one post focused on hot weather running. I consider myself to be fairly experienced on the topic and capable of running well in the heat. This last week on the East Coast was scorching! For most of the week, the temperatures were in the mid-90's and the humidity was up there too.

I'm not an early riser so getting up at 5:00 am to run wasn't going to work for me. And if I run later at night, I tend to have problems falling asleep. Hence, I adjusted my running plans accordingly. My M,W, F noon runs with a speed workout on Wednesday were modified to two easier runs on Monday and Friday along the Connecticut River and I bagged the speed workout. I still ran the same Wednesday course only 1.75 minutes slower per mile. There are water fountains on this course so we can hydrate in route. With the shade, slight breeze, and water, it made for an okay week of training in spite of the conditions. I don't have a gym membership and hate treadmills so things worked out well. 
Sometimes on days like these I'll carry water with me. I'm used to doing it, but I know others don't like to do so. That's why finding a course with water fountains along the way is so beneficial. Also, I often wear a light colored cap and slap on some suntan lotion for good measure. After running, I'll cool down with a short walk in the park across from my office. There are plenty of large trees, which shade the area. I also make a point to drink plenty of water throughout the morning before my noon runs. This really helps because it's so easy to get dehydrated on hot days. After a cool shower in the basement of my building, I head upstairs to finish the day's work, refreshed, but still moist from my lunch excursion.

Don't underestimate the conditions in the summer and be smart about training through these hotter periods. It's okay to take things down a notch. You won't lose any conditioning and perhaps with the rest, you'll run even better the following week.


  1. I've been taking my camelback on pretty much every run this summer. On some I've had to stop at fountains and refill multiple times. I've also been keeping a close eye on whether I'm still sweating or not. If I'm not, I usually drink the rest of what I have on me and stop for a drink and refill once again. It's a pain carying it sometimes, but better safe than sorry.

    1. Hey Brett,

      Using a camelback with the extra water carrying capacity is a great way to stay hydrated. Stay cool!

    2. Oops! I meant Brent, not Brett. Sorry.

  2. Hey Ken
    I started to carry my delaney fit for runs. I use not to carry water around but after i heard about what happened to my running buddies i decided that it was the best policy. I find it easy to use and it doesn't move around once i settle in to a pace it stays put. I just bought my wife a camelback for hikes, but she might use it for runs, I started to get her to go with me and the dogs and she so far loves it.

  3. I am training for an Ultra right now and this is the only time of the year that I become a morning person!

  4. Running in this heat is definitely a challenge! Like you, I'm not much of a morning person. But, I've had to make some adjustments to get my long, long runs done before the humidity and heat is kicked up a notch. At least you seem to have found a pattern and workout routine that works for you and beautiful scenery to admire while running. :)


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