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Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm back!

It's been a while since I've posted here. Sorry about that. I've been very busy with my writing and running. Unfortunately, someone hacked into my email account and caused AT &T to lock me out of my email and other things. I then had some problems getting back into my blogs.

This summer has been busy. I went to fight wildfires in Montana for 16 days in August. I have been running about 20 miles per week. I couldn't run during my fire assignment, but the 12 to 14 hour days helped to keep me in shape. I'm hoping to get back into race ready condition before the Thanksgiving Day race in Manchester.

Now here's some advice for all you runners out there. Upon my return from Montana, I foolishly played Wiffleball for three and a half hours straight on Labor Day and screwed my left leg up for three weeks. I couldn't believe it. Here I go for 16 days without any problems other than tired legs and I get taken down by Wiffleball. Arghhh! Hey, everyone-stick with your running stuff and stay away from those other periodic activities that can mess up your running. It's just not worth it!


  1. Hey Ken I am so happy to see you are back and that you were able to get out west again.

  2. It was a good trip.This marks the third time I've been in Montana with the Fire Crew. I wished that I could have run a little,but we were too busy running from place to place.

    What's on your running schedule? Do you run Manchester? I just registered on-line last night.

  3. hey ken my running has been off and on, so maybe i can do Manchester, I actually live close to there now, Laura and I bought a house in East Hartford towards Glastonbury line, so yeah I will let you know.


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