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Friday, October 11, 2013

Back to Boston

My wife and I were able to get tickets to the American League Divisional Series game on October 5, 2013 between Tampa Bay and Boston. It gets a bit expensive to stay at a hotel in and around Boston so we opted not to stay over night in the city. The game was scheduled to start at 5:30 pm, but we had a family commitment to go to at 1:00 pm, which made the schedule tight. 
At around 2:30 pm, we left the family gathering and headed for the Riverside T-station off of Route 95 in MA. We like to leave our car there and take the T-rail to Fenway Park to avoid the traffic.When we reached the station at around 4:15, the parking lot was full so we had to improvise. There's a number of apartment complexes just past the station so we parked the car there, for free. I think we saved ten bucks or one Fenway beer.

The rail system in Boston is heavily used so we didn't get into Fenway Park until 5:25 pm. The weather was good, partly sunny and in the 60s. It was an exciting game. The Red Sox won by a score of  7 to 4.  After the game, we headed over to where the Red Sox players exit Fenway Park to see some of the players and find out what kind of cars they drive. We saw Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Dustin Pedroia, John Lackey, Daniel Nava and Andrew Miller. We also saw Larry Lucchino, the Red Sox CEO and President, with his entourage.
We didn't get home until midnight, but it was worth it.   


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