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Saturday, February 1, 2014

November Notes

Here's a post a drafted back in November, but forgot to post:
I've always felt that as long as the snow holds off for November, this month is one of my favorite months to run, similar to a mild February. I have yet to run a single race this year though. As I look back, it seems that several minor injuries, family matters, and a lack of motivation have led to this simple fact.

It's not like I didn't train hard. I ran intervals at a local track for 6 straight weeks, once a week and did some longer runs of up to ten miles too. But I didn't plan to do any specific races and it's the middle of November already.
I was able to make some new friends this year. There's a group of older runners that frequent our local rail trail so I have run with them. They call themselves the Running Amigos. Their ages range from about fifty to over seventy. There are some fast runners in this group too. I chased several of them around the Manchester Road Race course a month ago and couldn't quite catch up to them on the 4.75 mile loop. 

My right calf has been causing me some issues so I've had to reduce my ~23 miles/week and suspend speed work for the past several weeks. I think things are turning around now. I ran pain-free the last three runs, but I need to watch it. I ran Friday this week and felt a little sluggish.

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