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Monday, April 14, 2014


Most runners will admit that when they can't run for any period of time, they get cranky. Just ask their significant other or a family member. Running, like many things in life, is a passion for these cranky people. I have been fighting a virus for three weeks now and it has hampered my running.  This isn't the puking type, but rather the chest congestion/coughing virus.

As the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approaches, I find it hard to bitch and moan about my latest ailment. How dare I even try to complain when all those injured and suffering are bravely moving forward with their life. It makes me realize how trivial my minor setback is in the grand scheme of life. So when life throws me off track, I try not to lose perspective.

I hope someday I'll be able to toe the Boston Marathon line and finish the race. I haven't run over 12 miles in many years and my last marathon, Hartford, in 1999, was a bust for me. I ran 14 minutes slower than my first and PR marathon time. My left knee has a habit of protesting when I overdo things. So 26.2 miles and the training that would need to be done prior to the race, might never happen. But... wouldn't it be great to do it! Just say hell with my left knee. The rest of my body will be hurting just as much as the knee so stop complaining and do it. Maybe? Stay tuned!

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